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How a business can benefit from invoice finance

Invoice finance is a broad term used to indicate a range of asset-based finance facilities businesses can employ to sell their accounts receivable (invoices) to a third party for a percentage of their value. Accumulating invoices over invoices may lead…

5 tips to improve DSO
5 Tips To Improve DSO

Cash flow allow companies to operate and grow. In this regard, Days Sales Outstanding (from now on, DSO) is an indicator that measures a company’s health. DSO represents the number of days a firm needs to convert receivables into cash. The…

6 Trends That Are Transforming Credit Risk Management

Over the last decade, the bank system has changed substantially. From the global financial crisis, new regulations emerged to counteract a sector that had shown all its shortcomings during the 2008 market collapse. More detailed and demanding capital, leverage, liquidity,…

Introduction to cash flow loans

Achieving a proper cash flow is one of those tasks that keeps a business alive. Cash flow is the net amount of cash and cash equivalents being transferred into and out of business. Cash received represents inflows, while money spent…

Cash Flow Loans vs. Asset-Based Loans

A steady cash flow is vital to run a business. However, a contingent period of cash shortage – caused, for instance, by late payments- may endangerthe company itself or even ultimately lead to bankruptcy. Financial markets provide several options to…