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We match global companies with local professional collection agencies in 120 countries. Our mission is to make international debt collection easy and affordable.

We cut all additional cross-border costs by connecting you directly to law firms and collection agencies in the debtor’s country of residence.

Collection Hub speeds up the cross-border collection process and does so in compliance with the highest ethical standards.

We launched Collection Hub with one goal: to help creditors worldwide collect their international debts quickly and effectively.

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Corporate HQ Ltd.
107-111, Fleet Street
EC4A 2AB, London
United Kingdom

Phone Number:+44 2037691990

CEE HQ Czech Republic s.r.o.
Plzeňská 345/5
150 00 Prague 5
Czech Republic

Phone Number:+420 910 254 999

Nordic Office Ltd.
Nóatún 17
105 Reykjavik

Phone Number:+354 5342058