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Protect your business from the coronavirus

Global stocks, U.S. government bonds yields, oil prices, and all market indexes tumbled Thursday, extending losses as investors expect a steep drop in business activity and corporate earnings following the spread of the coronavirus in Europe and in North America….

forklift loading cargo, too early for revenue recognition?
Revenue Recognition Criteria for Credit Sales

Here are the two traditional revenue recognition criteria that must both be satisfied before revenue can be recognized: The seller has to do something, the work, and The buyer has to do something, pay or provide a valid promise to…

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How to manage credit risk

        So you’ve read our article on some of the costs associated with selling on credit and decided to take the risk. Great! Selling on credit will set you apart from your competition and increase your customers’…

Reasons for selling on credit

What are the main reasons for selling on credit? Most suppliers allow their credit-worthy customers to defer payment for their purchase. Deferred payment terms exist to allow buyers to store, process, and sell the purchased items before having to pay…

6 Tips for Hiring a Debt Collection Agency

              If your company trades goods and/or services on credit, you might often find yourself chasing unpaid invoices. While you might be successful in getting your money back a few times, sometimes you’ll have to ask a professional for help…