We refer your claim directly to the best debt collection
agencies worldwide. They bid for your debt claim – and you
choose which agency to work with. No matter how big the
claim, we make your debt collection process painless.

What Exactly Does Collection Hub Do?

Collection Hub is an online service connecting:

Creditors (you) with law firms and collection agencies worldwide.
Quickly recovering debts worldwide, and simplifying
the entire collection process.

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Upload Your Claims

Upload your claims and invoices
to our system.

Choose The Best Bid

Simply select the one that best
meets your needs.

Get Your Money Back

We take care of the rest freeing you up to
get on with more important matters.

HOW does collection hub benefit you a as creditor?

See the main advantages

It’s Risk Free

Collection Hub is only paid once a collection is successful. This means if the collection agency doesn’t collect, you don’t pay anything.

You Can Recover Any Type Of Debt

The types of debt we collect include legal, healthcare, construction, insurance, B2B, loans, etc. Regardless of the type or amount of debt you want to recover, simply upload the claim to Collection Hub and receive the best collection bids from approved agencies in the debtor’s home territory.

You Save Money On Fees

Your first collection is free! From then, our nominal fee is just 1% for each successful collection.

You Save Time

With Collection hub you are directly connected to the best debt collection agencies in your debtor’s territory. Collection Hub executes faster on collections, regardless of the size of transaction.

It’s Safe & Secure

We are legally compliant and run our business in accordance with the highest ethical standards. To build your trust, your first debt collection is completely free!

We Make Your Life Easier

Don’t waste time filling out endless forms. Simply upload your claim, choose the best bid and get your money back!


Credibility is our top priority

“Is It Safe to Upload My Claims to Collection Hub?”

Absolutely. Your privacy and security is our priority. Everything is stored in an encrypted database with latest security updates installed.

“Will I Lose the Customer When I Outsource the Collection?”

No. For example, if you outsource a bookkeeper to manage your money, does that mean they will take all of your money from your bank account? In this case you are simply using us as your professional service provider to expedite collection of debt on your behalf, making the process as efficient, painless and professional as possible.

“How Do We Select the Debt Collection Agencies?”

We only use carefully selected, tested and approved debt collection agencies. All are certified and legitimate professional firms, providing you with a variety of options to choose from. Also – remember that YOU are in charge of the final agency selection. We give you a variety of approved options, and it’s then your choice who you select. Please visit our “FAQs” page if you have any other questions!”

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