Why should creditors use Collection Hub?

Collection Hub makes your international debt collections local. Your cross-border claims are offered to collectors in the debtor’s territory. These local collectors bid for your claim. You choose the terms that suit you best, and you are free to accept or refuse any bid. The overall collection process is therefore easier and cheaper.

Is Collection Hub just another international collection agency?

Not at all. Collection Hub is an online P2P platform connecting creditors to law firms and collection agencies worldwide to recover debts quickly and effectively.

What if I already use an international collection agency?

Compare its rates to those of Collection Hub’s collection agencies in individual countries. You will see the difference immediately. International agencies charge more because more parties are involved in the collection process. They need to add global and local partner commissions and fees (and there is no auction). Also, the process usually takes longer.

How much does Collection Hub cost?

Our fee is just 1% for each successful collection.

Can you provide amicable debt collection or debt collection litigation services?

Collection Hub provides all types of collection services, including (but not limited to) legal services. So you can recover your international receivables at any stage.

What types of debt do you collect?

Collection Hub offers all kinds of debt recovery for individuals and businesses. No matter what type of debt you want to recover or how large or small the amount, simply upload the claim to Collection Hub and receive the best bids from the debtor’s territory.

What information do I need to upload to post a debt on Collection Hub?

Please upload the invoice and all other relevant documents. This will make the bidding and collection process much easier. For example: a duplicate invoice, any relevant correspondence with the debtor, demand(s) for payment and any reminder(s). In addition, you can speed up the collection process by sending all available contact details, such as the telephone / cell phone number, email address, and postal address, if possible. The collection agency or law firm will contact you to ask for any additional details.

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