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Reduce the distance between you and your slow paying clients by localizing the collection process.

Engage the world’s largest professional debt collection network.

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Borders never troubled us. We built the most extensive and loyal network in the industry, for you.

Preserve your relationship

You’ve worked hard to build relationships with other logistic services across the globe. Our partners act professionally and respectfully in order not to damage your existing business partnerships.

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Group all your late invoices by country (or state) – not by company. Save time and money.

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Choose from hundreds of professional collection agencies and their tailor-made offers for your business.

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Before you realize, you’ll know all of us on a first-name basis. We’ll go above and beyond to see you succeed.

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All of the accounting is handled by us in London: it doesn’t matter where the debt is being collected.

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Everyone asks for credit: your suppliers, your partners and your clients. It’s the way of the world, and to grow your busniess, you have to grant it. 

Don’t let that discourage you from expanding your operations: we are your back-stop should things go wrong. 

A comprehensive debt collection platform.

Our mission is to offer you an unprecedented experience for debt collection. We understand that your cash flow is directly affected by late payments, and that you want to achieve the shortest cash cycle time.

Access to cash is what makes companies grow and thrive. Join us today to take a step towards a healthier balance sheet.

Debt collection for all sizes.

Everyone has different collection goals.

Collection Hub lets you achieve them easily, no matter what your needs are.

For large businesses and corporations.

Take advantage of our exclusive offering to large businesses. Priority support, premium assistance and outsourcing are all available to you – at no additional costs.

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For SMEs

Get unlimited access to the largest ever network of professional debt collectors, create and sell debt portfolios, and monitor your collections in real-time.

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If you just started out and are unsure about how to approach debt collection, we’ll gladly give you a hand in picking the best strategy.

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